Francesca D'Anna

Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy


Francesca D″Anna was born in 1972 in Palermo. She received a Chemistry degree at University of Palermo in 1997, discussing the following thesis: "Kinetic study of reaction of 1-cloro-4-SO2R-2-nitrobenzene e 1-cloro-2-SO2R-4-nitrobenzene with piperidine and thiophanate." In 1999. she has been awarded Michele Ruccia prize, for the best thesis in the field of organic chemistry, relative to academic year 1996/1997. In 2003, she has been awarded a prize for the best work of the II Sigma-Aldrich Young Chemists Symposium (SAYCS). Since 2003, she is working at Organic Chemistry Department of University of Palermo as a Researcher. She has begun research as Ph.D. student in chemistry science in 1999, having as Tutor the Professor Renato Noto. In February 2003, she received a Ph.D. degree degree, by discussing the following thesis: "Host-guest systems formed by cyclodextrins. Recognition and transformation of organic substrates."She is interested in physical organic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. In particular, she is studying systems characterised by the presence of cyclodextrins and their chiral recognition ability. In the last five years, she has undertaken the study of organic substrates reactivity in ionic liquids. Both research areas are developed, collaborating with Professor Renato Noto. Furthermore, she is collaborating with Professor Vincenzo Frenna, studying mechanisms of reaction in heterocyclic systems. In the last few years, she has taught Chemistry degree course and biotechnologies for the Industry and Scientific Research degree course. In particular, she has taught complements of organic chemistry and organic analysis. In addition, she is coauthor of some articles published in international journals.

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