Raju Adhikari

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Australia


Raju Adhikari received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Delhi, Delhi, India. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Synthetic studies in oxygen and nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds as potential antifungal and antibacterial agents.” He had done his postdoctoral study in Australia and in Germany. He is currently working as a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Clayton, VIC, Australia. His research interests include design and synthesis of biostable polyurethanes, siloxane monomers, and polymers; design and development of biodegradable polymers for food packaging drug delivery and tissue engineering applications; structure properties relationship of synthetic polymers in biological environment to understand cell compatibility and proliferation and biodegradation; development of tissue engineered products/therapies for cartilage repair and bone healing; design and synthesis of polymers by living free radical polymerisation technique (RAFT); design and synthesis of small molecules; solution processable polymers and phosphorescent Iridium based complexes for OLED application.

Biography Updated on 6 November 2012

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