Hassan Hadadzadeh

Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Professor H. Hadadzadeh (Professor of Inorganic Chemistry) OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, 84156-83111, IRAN, E-mail: hadad@cc.iut.ac.ir, Tel: +98 311 3913240, Fax: +98 311 3912350 Education: BSc: Applied Chemistry, IUT; MSc : Inorganic Chemistry (Photochemistry), IUT; PhD: Inorganic Chemistry (Physical Inorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Electrochemistry), SBU & CU; Visiting Researcher: Carleton University, Ottawa, CANADA (2001-2002); Visiting Researcher: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, SWEDEN (2008) Current research interests and ongoing projects are listed below: • DNA Interactions with Metal Complexes and Anticancer Drugs • Organometallics (Ferrocenes and Cyclometalated Complexes) • Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Transition Metal Complexes • Preparation of Inorganic Materials and Catalysts (Alumina-Supported Re and Ru Catalysts, Silicates and Titanium Carbide) • Photocatalytic Reactions (Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction using Re Complexes) • Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to CO by Ru(II)-Polypyridyl Complexes

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