Ilia Brondz

University of Oslo, Norway

Ilia Brondz was born on July 12, 1948. In 1979, he resumed studies as a Candidate in pharmaceutical sciences at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, Norway. The result of his study was the elucidation of the correct absolute stereochemistry of hyperforin, active substance in the plant Hypericum perforatum L. In 1985, Brondz resumed research work for a Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway. His main achievements were the introduction in bacteriology, "The chemotaxonomy based on Gas chromatography—mass spectrometry and multivariate analyses". He had discovered the chemical difference in lipopolysaccharides from A. actinomycetemcomitans and H. aphrophilus. His postdoctoral fellowship in 1988-1989 at the Department of Chemistry, University of Umeå, Sweden, led to the development of a new method for characterizing of molds. In 1995, Dr. Brondz became an active Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, in 2006, a Member of the Norwegian Mass Spectrometry Society, in 2006, a Member of the American Chemist Society, and in 2009, a Member of the Norwegian Scientific Literature Author and Translator Association. Moreover, Dr. Brondz has published more than a hundred scientific works and presentations as original research studies and more than a dozen scientific reviews. He has been the author of a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Analytical Sciences (2005), a chapter in the book Antimalarial Drugs: Costs, Safety and Efficiency (2009), a chapter in the book Chromatography: Types, Techniques and Methods (2010), and the author of the book Historical Overview of Chromatography and Related Techniques in Analysis of Antimalarial Drug Primaquine (2011).

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