Maria Fiammetta Romano

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Maria Fiammetta Romano specialized in allergology and clinical immunology at the University of Florence, Italy in 1988 and in oncology at the University of Naples, Federico II in 1985. She received the Medical degree from the University of Naples, Federico II in 1982 and was certified from the Board of Physicians and Surgeons. She works as an Aggregate Professor, Group Leader at the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology, Federico II University of Naples from 2002, and as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Pathology, Federico II University from 1983 to 2002. Her research interest focused on immunohematology: studies on altered mechanisms of immune response in atopic subjects, and translational oncology: studies on novel target for cancer therapy. She is competent in immunology, experimental oncology, oncologic pharmacology, apoptosis, autophagy, radiobiology, and stem cells. She has been teaching human biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine, University Federico II, Naples, biology and biochemistry for the B.S. degree in orthopedic techniques, and biochemistry for the B.S. degree in speech therapy. She was given awards for relevant scientific contribution in the years 2007 (Graziella Persico Award), 1998, 1994, and 1993.

Biography Updated on 9 November 2011

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