Yasumitsu Nishimura

Kawasaki Medical University, Japan


Yasumitsu Nishimura started to learn immunology at Kyoto University of Education, Japan, where he studied immune senescence using senescence accelerated mice (SAM). That study continued in the doctor course, by which he received a Ph.D. degree. During that period, he experienced a lot of immunology and molecular biology. In addition, he has studied the effect of asbestos exposure on immune cells since 2002 and, at the beginning, studied asbestos-caused functional alteration of alveolar macrophages related with asbestosis. On the basis of experience and knowledge during that study, he started the study about the effect of asbestos exposure on NK cell function. Now, he is trying to study immunological difference between diseases related with exposure to asbestos and silica, tumor, and autoimmune diseases, respectively, whereas both minerals cause pneumoconiosis following inflammatory response. Although there are many researchers in the field of study about carcinogenic effect of asbestos, our expertise and originality of study about immunological effect of asbestos exposure are very high. In commendation of his works, he has received several honors in these years. The present main project is to identify difference in immunological character between the diseases related to exposure to asbestos and silica, tumor, and autoimmune diseases, respectively. In this project, the expressions of various kinds of immune-related genes in Th, CTL, NK, and monocyte lineage cells are examined. He has been serving since 2010 as an Associated Professor at the Department of Hygiene, Kawasaki Medical School, Kurashiki, Japan. His area of expertise includes immunology, immunotoxicology, and immune senescence

Biography Updated on 31 July 2013

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