Piergiuseppe De Berardinis

I.B.P. C.N.R., Italy

Piergiuseppe De Berardinis was born in Rome at November 4, 1956. In 1981, he recived his M.D. from Medical School University of Rome, with honors. In 1985, he had a postdoctoral medical degree in allergology and clinical immunology from the Medical school University of Rome, with honors. From 1985 to 1989, he was a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Charing Cross Sunley Research Centre, London, UK; with Cenci Bolognetti Foundation and Wellcome Trust Foundation Fellowships. In 1989, he recieved his Ph.D. degree from the University of London. In 1990, he became a Researcher at the Institutte of Protein Biochemistry of CNR, Naples, Italy. In 2001, he became a Researcher at the CNR, Naples, Italy. He obtained an M.D. degree from the Medical School University of Rome and from the same university he also obtained a postdoctoral medical degree in clinical Immunology. In 1985, he obtained a fellowship from the Cenci Bolognetti Foundation and he joined the Charing Cross Sunley Research Centre of London, UK. Then, in this Institute, he became Postdoctoral Research Assistant; a grant from the Wellcome Trsust Foundation; and a Ph.D. project aimed at studying the role of T cells in type I diabetes. In 1989. he obtained the Ph.D. degree. In 1990, he obtained apermanent position at the CNR of Naples, where he actually directs the laboratory of Immunology. The main scientific contributions performed by Dr. De Berardinis during these years enclose studies on autoimmune diseases; the discovery of new T cell subsets; studies on the repertoire of T cells which play a role in human pathology; the development of a new methodology for the reconstitution of human T cell receptor specificities in murine hybridoma cells. In the recent past, Dr. De Berardinis has been interested in designing new antigen delivery systems able to evoke an antigen-specific cytotoxic activity and in studying their possible use in immunotherapy. Dr. De Berardinis is in the board of Directors of the Italian Society of Immunology (SIICA).

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