Daniel Henrion

Université d'Angers, France

Daniel Henrion received a Ph.D. degree in pharmacy from Nancy, France (1986) and a Ph.D. degree in pharmacology from Nancy, France (1990): role of calcium overload in endothelium dysfunction in aging. He worked at the Department of Pharmacology, Ciba-Geigy, Basle, Switzerland (1987-1988), on the interaction between the renin-angiotensin and the adrenergic systems in the control of local blood flow. He worked at the Department of Pharmacology (Head: J. A. Bevan, 1990–1993), University of Vermont, Burlington (Vt, USA) on the role of Na and Ca in flow (shear stress-) mediated mechanotransduction; interaction with the renin-angiotensin system. He worked at INSERM (vascular biology, Heads: B. Levy; A. Tedgui, 1993–2003, Paris, France) on the projects of the role of the local (vascular) renin-angiotnesin system in the control of vascular tone, the role of the angiotensin II type 2 receptor in flow-mediated dilation, the role of the structure proteins (integrins, cytoskeleton) in flow-mediated dilation and remodeling. He served at the CNRS (neurovascular biology, Head: D. Henrion, 2003–2007, Angers, France) on the study of flow-mediated dilation in physiological and pathological conditions (hypertension, neurovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity) and the role of the RhoA-Rho-kinase system. He has been with the CNRS and INSERM (neurovascular and mitochondrial biology, Heads: D. Henrion, since 2008, Angers, France), working on the evolution of flow-mediated remodeling of resistance arteries in aging with risk factors (diabetes, hypertension).

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