Tao Feng

School of perfume and aroma technology Shanghai Institute of Technology, China

Introduction Gender: Male Age: 33 Professional title: assistant professor Address: School of Perfume & Spices Technology and Engineering, No.120 Caobao Road, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, 200235 Email: fengtao@sit.edu.cn, ft422@sina.com office phone: +86-21-64941039 fax number: +86-21-6494 1039 Cell phone: 15921843965 Professional Specialty To be good at microencapsulation, controlled release of flavor by natural macromolecules Issued Paper 1. Tao Feng, Zhengbiao Gu, Zhengyu Jin, Haining Zhuang. Physical Changes of Mesona Blumes Gum/Starch Mixed Gel with Sugars. Cereal Chemistry, 2008, 85(4):550-556. 2. Tao Feng, Zhengbiao Gu and Zhengyu Jin. Structural studies of an acidic polysaccharide of Mesona Blumes gum. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2008, 88: 24-34. 3. Tao Feng, Zhengbiao Gu and Zhengyu Jin. Isolation and characterization of an acidic polysaccharide from Mesona Blumes gum. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2008, 71: 159-169. 4. Tao Feng, Z.B.Gu, Z.Y.Jin. The Chemical Composition and Some Rheological Properties of Mesona Blumes Gum. Food Science and Technology International, 2007, 19(1): 50-59. 5. Tao Feng. Review of Food Nanotechnology in China. Cereal Foods World, 2009, 54(5):233-234. 6. Tao Feng, Huaixiang Tian, Zuobing Xiao. Recent Patents in Flavor Microencapsulation. Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture, 2009, 1(3): 193-202. 7. Tao Feng. A Review of Food Safety Research in China. Cereal Foods World, 2008, 53(6):326-328. 8. Tao Feng. The History and Future of Food Processing in China. Cereal Foods World, 2008,53(3):157-159. 9. Tao Feng. Downstream Processing of Cereal Grains in China. Cereal Foods World, 2007,52(5):291-292.

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