Sergio Claudio SaccĂ 

Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria "San Martino", Italy


Sergio Claudio Saccà works as the Head of the Glaucoma Center at San Martino Hospital. He graduated from the University of Genoa (highest mark cum laude), Genoa, Italy, and earned the authorization to practice as a medical doctor (1980-1981). In 1985, he graduated as a specialist in ophthalmology (highest mark cum laude) and became a Consultant Ophthalmologist in the Hospital of Mondovi. In 1986 he obtained his M.S. degree in ocular ultrasound. In 1988 Saccà obtained a second specialization in ophthalmologic surgery (highest mark cum laude). In 1989 he became an Ophthalmic Adviser in the Eye Clinic with the positions of Specialist and Anterior Segment Surgeon. From 2010 to 2013 he received a teaching assignment at the School of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy, as a Teacher of the Ph.D. degree in epidemiology and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. Saccà has also presented numerous studies both in Italy and abroad under ophthalmological congresses. He has written over 200 articles. Since 2000 he collaborates with Professor Alberto Izzotti of the Department of Health Sciences, Section of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, University of Genoa, in order to study the pathogenesis of glaucoma. He has had assignments as international referee for many international journals.

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