Sen-Lin Tang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Completed my Ph.D. degree in microbiology from and experienced with four-year postdoctoral work in the University of Melbourne, I joined Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica (BRCAS), Taiwan, in 2006, and my current position is a tenure associate research fellow. The area of my expertise is metagenomics, genomics and biodiversity of microorganisms (including viruses). The research focus is the interplay of aquatic microbes and local environmental factors using metagenomics, genomics, transcriptomics and biodiversity approaches. Two aquatic ecosystems are studying targets: coral reefs and salt lakes. Coral reefs are also called tropical forest in sea and hosts approximately one quarter of all marine species in it, and associate with enormous benefit to human in terms of food, tourism and coast protection. Coral is the key organism in coral reefs and its microbial associates are prominent for health, disease and nutrient supply of corals. I am especially interested in the long-staying coral-associated bacteria, particularly for understanding localization, function and ecological roles of the bacteria in corals. For microbes in salt lake, I am interested in microbes in two Siberia meromictic salt lakes commonly formed a nature Winogradsky’s column in which different trophic bacteria are well separated that facilitates in the study of the insight of molecular interaction between microorganisms and between abotic and biotic factors. In addition, meromictic lakes are also an ideal system to investigate paleoclimate via chemical and biological changes. Besides finding new biological phenomena, I also devote to development of metagenomics tool in binning metagenomic datasets using data mining and statistics methods. Some more details can be found our laboratory website:

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