Paul Van Royen

University of Antwerp, Belgium


P. Van Royen received M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. Royen serves as a Professor at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and Head of the Department of General Practice, Interdisciplinary Health Care and Geriatrics. After graduating as a general practitioner in 1983, he started up an inner-city practice with his wife Lieve Peremans, later on grown into a group practice. From 1987 till 1993, he served as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Department of Microbiology and STI. In 1993, he finished his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Vaginal discharge and bacterial vaginosis in family practice" and was honored with the Prize of the Dutch College for the Study of STDs. His academic work is directed at teaching and research in primary care. He is Coordinator of several teaching modules and programs, on undergraduate level as well as on graduate and postgraduate levels. At his department, he developed a research centre with a strong expertise in qualitative research, systematic reviews, and several research lines. Royen is also quite involved in education programs for research, on undergraduate level as well as on graduate and postgraduate levels. He was contractant in different international projects, funded by the European Community (Forum project, Improve). He is author of more than 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals and Reviewer of different scientific journals. He had presentations at different national and international congresses. At this moment, he is President of EGPRN (the European General Practice Research Network) and the WONCA network for Primary Care research in Europe. Since 1996, he is Coordinator of the Flemish Clinical Guidelines project. As chairman of the Advice Centre for Child Abuse and his involvement in many other local networks, he has a close contact with the broad field of primary health care.

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