William Ritchie

Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology, Australia


User Biography : Dr William Ritchie My application encompasses the fields of Bioinformatics of RNA molecules and alternative transcription. I have published 9 first author peer-reviewed papers in the highest impact journals in Bioinformatics (PLoS CB and Bioinformatics) as well as in high impact journals such as RNA and Nature Methods. During my PhD in Marseille, I demonstrated that the transcription of genes in cancerous cells was subject to high levels of entropy leading to numerous faulty transcripts. These errors were specific to alternative splicing and did not affect other mechanisms of alternative transcription. I also demonstrated for the first time that microRNA genes could be distinguished from other RNA genes using only secondary structure prediction. I then continued my work on microRNAs to establish a novel method to detect microRNA targets with unprecedented specificity (PLoS CB, 2009, highlighted in Nature Methods), used mathematical models to discover an optimal approach to elucidating microRNA function (Nature Methods, 2009), and highlighted a common error used in microRNA target prediction (letter to New England Journal of Medicine, 2008). I used my expertise in Next Generation Sequencing analysis to create the first webserver to integrate microRNA expression from over 1000 samples (Bioinformatics, 2010). This server has run over 35,000 analyses worldwide in the past year. I am the author of a book chapter in Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2011), and in miRNA Cancer Regulation (Springer).

Biography Updated on 15 August 2012

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