Mirko Viroli

Universita di Bologna, Italy


Mirko Viroli is an Associate Professor at DISI, the Computer Science Department of the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy. He received his Laurea degree in informatics engineering in October 1997 and his Ph.D. degree in computer science in April 2002, both from the University of Bologna. He has written over 250 articles (out of which more than 40 articles are on internal refereed journals) on models, languages, methodologies and infrastructures for coordination, self-organisation, pervasive computing, and multiagent systems. His Google Scholar's h-index is 32. Mirko Viroli is Member of the Editorial Board of the Knowledge Engineering Review (Cambridge University Press). He was Program Chair for various ACM, IEEE, and IFIP conferences. He led, for the local unit of the University of Bologna, various projects, including the European project FP7 STREP SAPERE (Self-Aware Pervasive Ecosystems, 2010–2013), under call FET Proactive Initiative: Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems (AWARENESS). Among his main scientific results are (i) the design of the variant generic types mechanism, adopted as Java wildcards in the Java programming language since 2004; (ii) the conception of the agent and artifacts meta-model, a reference for engineering environments in multiagent systems; (iii) the introduction of the self-organizing coordination paradigm, along with the model of biochemical tuple-spaces; (iv) and the design of the pervasive service ecosystems model and framework, as developed in the above-mentioned SAPERE project.

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