Yovani Marrero-Ponce

Central University of Las Villas, Cuba

Yovani Marrero-Ponce works as the Head of the Unit of Computer-Aided Molecular Discovery and Bioinformatic Research (CAMD-BIR Unit) and Professor of bioorganic, pharmacology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, and medicinal chemistry as well as drug design. Dr. Marrero-Ponce obtained a Ph.D. degree in physicochemistry in Havana University (2005), Havana, Cuba, and gets his M.S. degree in biochemistry at Medical School of Villa Clara (2003). The main results archived by Dr. Marrero-Ponce are in the area of drug discovery, specifically the development of new computational methods for chembioinformatics investigations. Marrero-Ponce recently developed several new molecular and macromolecular (proteins and nucleic acids) descriptors for using in the development of QSPR/QSAR, rational drug design, characterization of molecular similarity, in silico screening, proteins and nucleic acids classification, macromolecule-drug interactions, folding degree description, and early pharmacokinetics and toxicity prediction. Some of these novel mathematical and physicchemical theories have been implemented computationally in an in-house software, called TOMOCOMD (acronym of TOpological MOlecular COMputational Design), which is an integrative chembioinformatics platform to support the wet-dry cycle and combined bioinformatics and chemoinformatics methods to support modern drug discovery. His research is devoted to the development of novel computational methods, to handling of chemical information, to database mining for hit and lead structure search, and to the generation of pharmacophore models for the design of new bioactive compounds and bioinformatic studies. He has postdoctoral experience in eleven international universities/research centers.

Biography Updated on 5 June 2013

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