Simon Joseph Antony

University of Leeds, United Kingdom 0000-0003-1761-6306

Simon Joseph Antony is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, University of Leeds, UK. He started his research career as an experimentalist in the area of photonic stress analysis and strength measurement of continuum bodies. However, over the past ten years (post-Ph.D. era), his research focus is on the nano mechanical and micro mechanical modelling of particles and their assemblies with particular emphasis on structure-property relations. His current research interests are particulate mechanics: nano-, micro-, and macroscopic properties of powders and grains; force transmission patterns in particulate materials subjected to mechanical, electrical, and combined loading conditions; strength of nano particulate composites, self-assembly, and disassembly behavior of mineral particulates; aging effects in materials and bioinspired nano technology; industrial and social engineering: industrial productivity, equality, and diversity issues in engineering research. Joseph has published his research in several reputed international journals and conference proceedings. He holds membership in several international professional bodies and serves in technical committees in his area of research. Currently, he serves as a member of peer reviewers for several international journals. He is the lead editor of the book on Advances in Granular Materials: Fundamentals and Applications, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, 2004. He has won many awards, including the prestigious M.I.T Young Research Fellowship for Exemplary Research in Computational Mechanics and the Certificate of Merit as an Example of Outstanding Achievements in UK Particle Science and Technology in 2002, PTSG, IChemE, UK.

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