Peter V. Bonnesen

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA


Peter V. Bonnesen is an R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn, USA. Bonnesen obtained a B.S. degree in chemistry (ACS certified), 1983, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa, USA and a Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry, 1989, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif, USA. Bonnesen's research interests and areas of expertise include the design and synthesis of deuterated monomers for specialty polymers; materials for nanophase materials research; ligands and extractants used in separations science and technology; characterization of molecules and macromolecules using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; self-assembling metal-organic frameworks; elucidation of reaction mechanisms in organic, organometallic, and inorganic syntheses. Bonnesen has been a Research Staff, Macromolecular Nanosciences Group, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (since 2006); has been a Research Staff, Chemical Separations Group, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (since 1993); was a Postdoctoral Associate (with Kenneth N. Raymond), University of California at Berkeley (1991–1993); was a Research Scientist, Specialty Industrial Polymers Division, Rohm and Haas Company, Spring House, P, USA (1989–1991). Bonnesen has been with the Editorial Board, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange (since 2005) and with the American Chemical Society (Member, since 1983). Bonnesen received the 2004 R&D IR-100 Award, for “Highly Selective, Regenerable Perchlorate Treatment System.”

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