M. N. Sánchez Rayo

Articles in Scholarly Journals [Incomplete List]

  1. Determination of Branching Ratios in a Kinetic Investigation of the Atomic Resonance Fluorescence and Molecular Chemiluminescence, CaCl(A2?1/2,3/2,?B2S+??X2S+), Resulting From the Reaction of Ca[4s4p(3PJ)] With CH3Cl Following Pulsed Dye Laser Excitation of Atomic Calcium
    Laser Chemistry, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 177–192, 2000
  2. Kinetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Transient Species Prepared by Irmpd
    Laser Chemistry, vol. 11, no. 3-4, pp. 163–167, 1991