Guang-Di Chen

State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Guang-Di. Chen received the Ph.D. degree in auditory neuroscience in 1989. Chen serves as an Associate Research Professor. Chen, along with coworkers, has been studying the mechanisms of hearing loss and tinnitus/hyperacusis caused by aging, intense noise exposure, and/or different ototoxic agents. They have demonstrated the relationship between permanent hearing loss and auditory hair cell loss and found that many hair cells still survive in the cochlea with hearing loss up to ~30–40 dB. If the function of the survival hair cells can be restored, treatment of permanent hearing loss may become possible. They also study the mechanism of tinnitus in animal models induced by tinnitus-inducing agents or intense noise and found that, in addition to the classical auditory system, the amygdala, important in forming and storing memories of aversive events, is also involved in the generation of tinnitus. They have found that during tinnitus many auditory neurons in the amygdala switch to tune to frequencies around the tinnitus. The “apostatized” auditory neurons may be associated with the phantom sound sensation. To "correct" or "silence" these neurons may remove the phantom sound sensation.

Biography Updated on 19 September 2012

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