Dimitris G. Angelakis

Technical University of Crete/Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

Dimitris G. Angelakis received his M.S. degree in physics from the University of Crete (1998). He finished his Ph.D. degree in (2001) in the Optics Section of the Physics Department of Imperial College supported by a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation(IKY). In 2001, he was elected a Junior Research Fellow in Physics of St. Catharine‘s College Cambridge and he held this position in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. In parallel he was a Member of the Cambridge Centre for Quantum Computation till 2008, when he was appointed a Tenure Track Faculty Member in the Science Department of the Technical University of Crete. He is a Visiting Principal Investigator in the Centre for Quantum Technologies Singapore leading a theoretical quantum optics group with interests in quantum simulation and computation. He is the recipient of the Valerie Myescrough Prize from the University of London (2000), the Quantum Electronics Division Thesis Prize from Institute of Physics UK (2002) and of an stipendiary JRF from the St Catharine‘s College, Cambridge (2001). He has served as a node coordinator in various collaborative research collaborations such as the Cambridge-MIT Institute and the QIPRC UK and has organized a NATO Advanced Study Institute in quantum information processing in 2005. His research interests lie in theoretical quantum optics and implementations of quantum information processing. Currently, he focuses in many-body quantum simulations of condensed matter effects with quantum optical systems. He has pioneered the works in quantum simulations using strongly correlated photons in coupled resonator arrays.

Biography Updated on 6 September 2012

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