Filomena Conforti

University of Calabria, Italy


Filomena Conforti is qualified as a University Researcher of the University of Calabria. She graduated cum laude in pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Calabria (1997-1998). She held positions of Postdoctoral Fellowship for two years. In May 2006, she won a competition for a position of University Researcher at the University of Calabria. Her research activity has been always focused on pharmaceutical biology topics, with particular attention to general and applied pharmacognosy matters. In particular, Conforti, since the beginning of her research career, has developed studies on phytochemical characterization of plant sources particularly interesting for healing fields developing extractive and analytical methods. For analytical characterizations, screening methods (TLC and HPTLC) and more exhaustive techniques (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, and NMR) have been performed. To the extractive and analytical studies, particular emphasis has been devoted to the biological activities of natural chemicals. These investigations have been developed employing different cell lines and focused on the determination of their growth, morphofunctional aspects, cytotoxicity, enzyme inhibition (cholinesterase, amylase, glucosidase, nitric oxide synthase, and lipase), phototoxicity, and antioxidant activity of phytocomplexes, their fractions, and isolated molecules. The research group to which Conforti takes part in has proficiency to perform assays to test antiproliferative activity against different human tumor cell lines (liver, kidney, lung, melanoma, colorectal, prostate, and breast). Along years, she has developed particular interest on ethnobotanical studies with particular attention to wild dietary plant in order to highlight the relationship between nutrition and health.

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