Christine Mohr

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Christine Mohr, University of Lausanne, Switzerland Dr. Christine Mohr studied psychology with a particular emphasis on experimental and cognitive neuropsychological psychology. At present, she serves as a professor for cognitive psychology in the Institute of Psychology at the University of Lausanne. Her major research topics cover the cognitive, neuropsychological, and psychopharmacological correlates of risk for or protection from psychiatric conditions with a particular emphasis on schizotypy, the healthy end of the schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Her work focuses on a wide range of behavioral and cognitive functions (e.g. functional hemispheric asymmetry for language, face perception and space perception / exploration, lateral limb preferences, executive functions, perspective taking, emotion processing including adult attachment, creativity), and tries to understand in which way pharmacological agents / drug use modulate such functions in groups with an ostensibly more or less pronounced risk for psychosis. By doing so, the focus is not merely on who could become sick, but likewise, who will not become sick. Her work has been strongly influenced by her former appointments at Universities and University Hospital in Switzerland, Canada, and the UK. Christine Mohr has published and presented her work internationally via numerous peer-reviewed articles and presentations at international conferences.

Biography Updated on 12 August 2012

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