Christopher K. Hope

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


My research is centred around the in vitro modelling of oral microbiological systems to mimic disease in order to develop treatments and inform patient care. I started working with biological water filters during my PhD. This involved biofilm, fluid flow and in vitro modelling. I then applied these skills on evaluating the effects of electric toothbrushes in a laboratory model. I have since remained in the field of oral microbiology where I developed novel techniques to; describe the spatial distribution of cell vitality in oral biofilm, assess the effects of antimicrobial agents in real time, simultaneously instigate lethal photosensitisation of biofilm whilst recording changes in cell vitality, developed a biologically relevant laboratory model of dental caries, worked with photodynamic therapy using phage conjugates and intrinsic porphyrins in black pigmented anaerobes.

Biography Updated on 17 December 2012

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