Farhad Kamali

Newcastle University, United Kingdom


Farhad Kamali is Professor of human and experimental pharmacology at Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK where his work focuses on the mechanisms of drug toxicity and in particular the toxicity associated with oral anticoagulants. His research in the anticoagulation field aims to elucidate risks and benefits of anticoagulation and to achieve appropriate clinical strategies for prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disease using a whole system research approach. Studies range from investigations using a hepatic model through which the action of anticoagulants upon the vitamin K cycle and mechanisms of drug interactions are explored in vitro, to determining the contribution of dietary status, genetic polymorphisms of drug metabolism and pharmacodynamics, contribution of health related quality of life issues to appropriateness of anticoagulation, and the impact of patient education about therapy and patient self-management of anticoagulation control in reducing thromboembolism and bleeding.

Biography Updated on 1 April 2009

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