José Manuel Moutinho Pereira

Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal

Main research areas: Plant Physiology; Viticulture. Relevant skills and experience: Member of the Scientific Council of CITAB (2007-present). Supervisor of six MSc and one PhD. Lecturing of Plant Physiology. List of recent publications: MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., MAGALHÃES, N., TORRES DE CASTRO, L.F., CHAVES, M.M., TORRES-PEREIRA, J.M., 2001. Physiological responses of grapevine leaves to Bordeaux mixture under light stress conditions. Vitis, 40(3): 117-121. MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., MAGALHÃES, N., CORREIA, C.M., TORRES-PEREIRA, J.M., 2003. Effects of NW-SE row orientation on grapevine physiology under Mediterranean field conditions. Agricoltura Mediterranea, 133(3-4): 218-225. MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., CORREIA, C.M., GONÇALVES, B., BACELAR, E.L., TORRES-PEREIRA, J.M., 2004. Leaf gas-exchange and water relations of grapevines grown in three different conditions. Photosynthetica 42(1):81-86. MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., MAGALHÃES, N., GONÇALVES, B., BACELAR, E., BRITO, M., CORREIA, C., 2007. Gas exchange and water relations of three Vitis vinifera L. cultivars growing under Mediterranean climate. Photosynthetica, 45(2): 202-207. MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J., CORREIA, C.M., GONÇALVES, B., BACELAR, E.A., COUTINHO, J.F., FERREIRA, H.F., LOUSADA, J.L., CORTEZ, M.I., 2012. Impacts of leafroll associated viruses (GLRaV-1 and -3) on the physiology of the Portuguese grapevine cultivar 'Touriga Nacional' growing under field conditions. Annals of Applied Biology, 160(3): 237-249 MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., BACELAR, E.A., GONCALVES, B., FERREIRA, H.M., COUTINHO, J., CORREIA, C.M., 2010. Effects of Open-Top Chambers on physiological and yield attributes of field grown grapevines. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 32: 395–403. MOUTINHO-PEREIRA, J.M., GONCALVES, B., BACELAR, E.A., BOAVENTURA CUNHA J., COUTINHO, J., CORREIA, C.M., 2009. Effects of elevated CO2 on grapevine: physiological and yield attributes. Vitis, 48(4): 159–165.

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