Tadeusz Stacewicz

Warsaw University, Poland

Higher education and professional experience: Since February 2003 head of Optics Division, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw Since February 2000 professor in Optics Division, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw 1992 Habilitation, (Plasma Physics Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy electron – atom collisions), 1982 Ph.D. Degree (Plasma Physics Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy) 1976 M.Sc. Degree (Laser Physics), Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw Scientific activity of prof.dr hab T. Stacewicz concerns in optics, laser spectroscopy methods of trace matter detection, laser generated plasma, and lidar techniques of atmosheric aerosol investigation. Initially he was involved in construction of pulsed and continuous wave tunable dye lasers. In 1982 he was awarded the degree of Ph.D. at Warsaw University about "Ionization of sodium vapour by resonant laser pulses tuned to 3S-3P transition". Then he worked on problems related to electron - atom collisions, radiation trapping and the optical phenomena induced in atomic vapours by intense resonant laser light. Since 1990 he worked on investigations on nonlinear effects induced in atomic vapour by resonant laser light as well as the radiation trapping in strongly excited optical media. Presently he continues investigations on electron - excited atom collisions an on trace matter detection by means of Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy. Since 1995 he is also involved in investigations of atmosphere by means of lidars. His group is mainly interested in development of methods of the aerosol investigation by multiwavelenght lidar, especially the registration of size distribution of the aerosol particles. His list of publications contains about 80 scientific papers, 150 conference communications and 16 invited conference talks as well as five books.

Biography Updated on 1 March 2012

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