Valentyn Novosad

Argonne National Laboratory, USA


Valentyn Novosad earned his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering (1986-1993; with honors) from National Aerospace University of Ukraine. He then completed Ph.D. work on diffraction magneto-optical Kerr effects (1993-1998) at the Verkin Inst. Low Temp. Physics & Engineering, Ukraine, and the Laboratoire de Magnétisme Louis Néel, France. During 1998–2001 he was a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Yoshichika Otani’s group at Tohoku University, Japan, where he began his work in nanomagnetism. In 2001 Valentyn joined Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. His research interests spans from fundamental studies of magnetic and superconducting heterostructures to their novel applications such as magnetic field sensing, Cosmic Microwave Background cryogenic detectors or biomedicine. He has co-authored 135 papers, four patents and two book chapters. He is known internationally owing to his contribution to the physics and applications of the geometrically confined ferromagnets, including a systematic study of the size-dependent vortex nucleation and annihilation (PRB 2001), Brillouin light scattering spin wave spectra of magnetic vortex state (PRB 2002), detection of the magnetic vortex translation mode in frequency domain (PRB 2005), detection of collective excitation modes of the vortex pairs (Nat. Phys. 2007), application of the magnetic microdisks for a paradigm-shifting magneto-mechanical cancer cell destruction (Nat. Mat. 2010), and discovery of the resonant spin ordering approach to control the ground state and the excitation bands in interacting mesomagnets (Nat. Comm. 2012). Valentyn has given numerous seminars and invited talks, including at international meetings such as EastMag (2013), Intermag (2012), ICONSAT (2012), APS March Meetings (2003, 2011), MMM (2010), MAGNONICS (2009, 2011), MISM (2005, 2011), ISAMMA (2010), and ICMFS (2006). He is a member of American Physical Society (FIAP, FIP, and GMAG units) since 2001.

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