Michal Besser

Ella Institute for Melanoma, Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Present position: Head of laboratory at the Ella Institute for Melanoma; Lecturer for clinical immunology at the University of Tel-Aviv. The Ella Institute is a center of knowledge and excellence, implementing advanced and unique treatment methodologies for melanoma and skin cancer, operating within the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. Our laboratories specialize in clinical, translational and basic research related to melanoma. The clinical part focuses on adoptive immunotherapy under GTP (Good Tissue Culture Practice). In the last five years the Ella Institute has enrolled close to 100 patients to adoptive transfer studies. After the Surgery branch at the NIH, we are probably today the center with most clinical experience in this field. The latest results of our current clinical trail were recently published in Clinical Cancer Research (Besser MJ et. al., 2010). Furthermore, we perform basic research in various fields related to immunotherapy of melanoma. One of our projects, investigating subpopulation signatures in tumor infiltrating T lymphocytes by a bioinformatics approach, was published in Mol Syst Biol. last year (Oved K et. al., corresponding author Besser MJ, 2009) and selected as “Highlights of the recent literature” at Science ("Editors' Choice" 324:569, 2009). Altogether Prof. J. Schachter, director of the Ella Institute, and I have published more than 30 articles in the last five years in the field of melanoma and in particular immunotherapy for melanoma patients and are glad to submit an invited review article to your journal.

Biography Updated on 22 July 2010

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