Tao Ye

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Tao Ye, synthetic chemical biologist, obtained his BSc (1983), MSc (1986) from East China University of Science &Technology and PhD from Queen's University, Belfast (1993). He carried out postdoctoral work at Queen's University (1993-1994, with Professor M.A. McKervey ) and at Nottingham University (1994-1998, with Professor G. Pattenden, FRS) before starting his independent career in 1998, initially at The University of Hong Kong, then moved to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has been serving as one of Pengcheng Professors of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. Professor Ye’s research interests span the disciplines of natural product synthesis and chemical biology, which include the discovery and development of new agents of medicinal value through major advances in chemical synthesis. Large part of his research program is dedicated to the training and research in complex molecule synthesis and biological evaluation of natural products. The investigations focus upon the design and development of general strategies that may be employed to assemble complex molecular subunits common to a number of alkaloids, cyclodepsipeptides, and macrolides. A number of biologically active marine natural products, including yanucamide A, lyngbyabellin A, onchidin, ceratospongamide, emericellamides A & B, largazole, lydiamycin A, LL15G256gamma, bisebromoamide, grassypeptolide, largamide H, hoiamide C, aeruginosamide, sintokamide C, azumamide, banyasin A, nocardioazine B, burkholdac A, lagunamide A and scytonemin A have been completed. In addition, his research also centers on rationally designed molecular probes and their application to biological problems, especially in cancer biology.

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