Eleonora-Cornelia Crasmareanu

Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of Romanian Academy 24 Mihai Viteazul, 300223, Timisoara, Romania, Romania


Eleonora-Cornelia Crasmareanu obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2012 from West University of Timişoara, Timişoara, Romania. The title of his Ph.D. degree thesis was “Contributions to the synthesis, characterization and applications of intermediates and monoazo dyes.” He worked as Postdoc Researcher at Institute of Chemistry Timişoara of the Romanian Academy (ICHT). His work consists in determination of substantivity and lipophilicity of a series (26 compounds) of arylamides of 3-hydroxy-2-naphtoic acid (Naphthol AS) synthesized, using reverse phase thin layer chromatography (RP-TLC) and UV-Vis spectrometry techniques, as well as reverse phase transfer catalysis (RP-TC), used for the first time in the synthesis of red pigments, high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and FT-IR. This was done using QSAR methods with the purpose of understanding the mechanism by which the Naphthol AS molecules interact with the cellulosic fibres. The obtainment of a series of red pigments using, for the first time in the case of this type of compounds, the reverse phase transfer catalysis (RP-TC) method was also studied. The applicability of organic pigments in different domains will increase in near future. Also some unconventional applications of dyes were also studied, in order to obtain new hybrid organic-inorganic materials with the necessary characteristics for the manufacturing of solar cells.

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