Peter P. Ruvolo

MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Peter P. Ruvolo was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, in 1961. Dr. Ruvolo received his B.S. degree in biochemistry from Columbia University in New York, NY, USA, in 1983. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY, USA, in 1989. Dr. Ruvolo did a postdoctoral training under the mentorship of Dr. Allan D. Hess at the Department of Oncology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md, where he studied the molecular mechanisms regulating T-cell autoimmunity in diseases such as graft-versus-host disease. Dr. Ruvolo joined Dr. W. Stratford May’s group in 1996 as a Research Instructor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Tex, and then as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. With the May group, he studied the signal transduction pathways that regulate the antiapoptotic molecule, BCL2. In 2002, Dr. Ruvolo joined the Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Tex, as an Assistant Professor. There, he studied the stress signaling pathways mediated by the sphingolipid ceramide. He joined MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2010. His current research focuses on the role of signal transduction and apoptosis in chemoresistance in leukemia. Dr. Ruvolo was on the Editorial Board of Leukemia from 2001 until 2006. He is a Member of the American Hematology Society and a Member of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Biography Updated on 13 April 2010

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