Barbro N. Melgert

Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy, The Netherlands


Barbro Melgert studied pharmacy at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands and graduated with a D.P. degree in 1994 (cum laude). She continued with research into liver fibrosis and the use of macrophage-specific drugs to intervene with this disease at the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery of that same university. In 2000, she successfully defended her Ph.D. degree thesis called “Aiming at the cirrhotic liver: drug targeting in practice.” She moved to the Department of Pathology of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) for a postdoctoral position investigating the effects of smoking, and later the effects of gender, on the development of asthma. The sex differences in immunological responses caught her attention, and she continued working on this topic at the Department of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine of the University of Pittsburgh, Pa, USA from 2005 to 2007. In late 2006, she was awarded a Young Investigator Grant by the Dutch Asthma Foundation which enabled her to continue her work on sex differences in asthma at the Department of Pathology of the UMCG. During these studies she rediscovered her interest in macrophages, but this time in the context of sex differences and lung diseases. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology and Targeting of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, studying macrophage behavior in lung diseases and their potential as therapeutic target.

Biography Updated on 25 August 2011

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