Daniela Heimler

Universita di Firenze, Italy


Daniela Heimler was born in Mendrisio (Switzerland) in 1945 and graduated in chemistry at the University of Florence in 1969. She was Assistant of qualitative analysis of the Faculty of Mathematic, Physics and Natural Sciences and has been Associate Professor of General Chemistry at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Florence since 1983. Other than general chemistry she teaches also analytical chemistry. Her researches are concerned with biochemistry and physiology of plants under abiotic stress (sulfur dioxide pollution, acid rains, salt stress, ozone effect); polyphenol compounds with particular care to flavonoids in order to point out the resistance to cypress canker and to Ophiostoma ulmi; setting up of chromatographic techniques (HPLC, GC, and ion chromatography) to separate classes of compounds in vegetal matrices; polyphenols in food: effect of greenhouse cultivation (lettuce), polyphenols identification, and their difference in dependence of the kind of cultivation and the cultivar; the composition of the polyphenol mixture and antiradical activity of black cabbage leaves and in some varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris, in different tissues of artichoke, in varieties of Brassicaceae and of salads; the quality of vegetables in dependence on the kind of management (conventional, organic, and biodynamic).

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