Jainagesh A. Sekhar

University of Cincinnati, USA


Jainagesh A. Sekhar is a unique innovator, having not only discovered new technologies in materials and devices, but also having ensured that a majority of these have successfully entered the marketplace. Many of his new discoveries and products are being used in numerous countries worldwide. The discoveries have brought substantial energy and environment benefit, and the potential for energy savings alone is greater than 10–13 KWh/year. Innovation is the one word which clearly describes Professor Sekhar's work. He has been granted over 70 patents in the past few years. Professor Sekhar has published in premier scientific journals, created usable relevant technology and also directed the marketing of engineering products. He has published over 150 scientific publications in journals like Nature, Acta Metallurgica, Resources Policy, and other leading journals. Professor Sekhar's research has been funded by NSF, DOE, DOD, AFOSR, EMTEC and a wide range of companies in the US and Europe. Dr. Sekhar received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois in 1982 and has been with the University of Cincinnati since 1988. He is the recipient of several academic and industrial awards and a Fellow of ASM International. He has demonstrated novel linkages between fundamental understanding of materials synthesis and product life-cycle issues. His work has impacted high temperature materials development, solidification and interface sciences, beam processing, high pressure physics and has also impacted engineering disciplines such as manufacturing sciences, electrical device technology, heat transfer, and industrial engineering. Dr. Sekhar has acquired significant all round management experience by managing large high profile research groups, managing new companies, by serving on various company boards and from serving as a volunteer school-board chairman. His hobbies include flying complex airplanes and the study of pattern formation.

Biography Updated on 12 January 2010

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