Emiko Mizoguchi

Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Emiko Mizoguchi has an M.D degree and a Ph.D. degree and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He also serves as a Center Investigator at the NIH Funded Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at MGH. His investigative research interests are centered around the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the functional modulation of colonic epithelial cells (CEC) during the development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This includes identifying the key molecules which regulate the CEC/microorganism interaction, CEC/immune cells interaction, and intestinal epithelial cell barrier function. Recently, they discovered intestinal inflammation induced upregulation of Chitinase-3-like-1 (CHI3L1) molecule in colonic CEC and macrophages. Our subsequent studies revealed that CHI3L1 upregulation is a common factor in intestinal inflammation, as indicated by the upregulation of this molecule in acute and chronic colitis. The CHI3L1 was upregulated after proinflammatory cytokine stimulation to enhance adhesion and internalization of intracellular bacteria in CEC. These studies provide a novel insight into the physiological role of mammalian chitinases in host/microbial interactions. They will expand the study of CHI3L1 to include other members of mammalian chitinases in IBD. This project has been awarded the NIH R01DK80070. Furthermore, we found that CHI3L1 is not synthesized by healthy individuals but are significantly increased production in the serum of patients with IBD as well as colon cancer (dysplasia). Utilizing colonic samples obtained from patients with colitis-associated cancer (CAC), and a mouse model of chronic colitis-associated cancer, we are now analyzing the biological function of CHI3L1 in the pathogenesis of CAC. This project has been supported by The Broad Medical Foundation (Los Angeles, Calif).

Biography Updated on 9 February 2011

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