Hexi Baoyin

Tsinghua University, China

Associate Professor of Dept. of Aerospace Eng., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Research interest is spacecraft system design, orbital and attitude dynamics and control, interplanetary trajectory optimization. Selected Publications Y. Yang, H. Baoyin, Orbital Dynamics in the Vicinity of Asteroid 216 Kleopatra, AJ, 2012, Vol.143,N.3,pp.62-71 X. Zeng, H. Baoyin, J. Li, S. Gong, Three-dimensional time optimal double angular momentum reversal trajectory using solar sails, Celes. Mech. & Dyn. Astro., 2011,111(4): 415-430 X. Liu, H. Baoyin, X. Ma, Analytical investigations of quasi-circular frozen orbits in the Martian gravity field, Celes. Mech. & Dyn. Astro, 2011,109(3): 303-320 X. Liu, H. Baoyin, X. Ma, Extension of the critical inclination, ASS, 2011,334(1): 115-124 Liu, XD; Baoyin HX; Ma, XR, Five Special Types of Orbits Around Mars, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL & DYNAMICS, 33 (4): 1294-1301, 2010 Baoyin, HX; Chen, Y; Li, JF, Capturing near earth objects, RAA, 10 (6): 587-598, 2010 Gong, SP; Baoyin, H; Li, JF, Solar Sail Three-Body Transfer Trajectory Design, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL &DYNAMICS, 33 (3): 873-886, 2010 Gong, SP; Baoyin, HX; Li, JF, Solar sail formation flying around displaced solar orbits, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL & DYNAMICS, 30 (4): 1148-1152, 2007 Baoyin, H; McInnes, CR, Trajectories to and from the Lagrange points and the primary body surfaces, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL & DYNAMICS, 29 (4): 998-1003, 2006 Baoyin, H; McInnes, CR, Solar sail equilibria in the elliptical restricted three-body problem, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL & DYNAMICS, 29 (3): 538-543, 2006 Baoyin, HX; McInnes, CR, Solar sail halo orbits at the Sun-Earth artificial L-1 point, Celes. Mech. & Dyn. Astro, 94 (2): 155-171, 2006 Baoyin, H; McInnes, CR, Solar sail orbits at artificial sun-Earth libration points, J. GUIDANCE CONTROL & DYNAMICS, 28 (6): 1328-1331, 2005

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