Brian Austen

St. George's, University of London, United Kingdom

Brian Austen works as a Professor in protein science at St George's in South London. He started investigations in Alzheimer's disease in 1990, when his concept was that Alzheimer's is a disease of protein mistargeting. He found that the cell targeting of the amyloid precusror protein was markedly influenced by cholesterol and lipid levels inside cells, and was the first to suggest statins as therapy. They started synthesizing some peptide aggregation inhibitors, their first ideas have just been published in Biochemistry; Austen et al., (2008) “Designing peptide inhibitors for oligomerization and toxicity of Alzheimer’s beta-amyloid peptide.” Biochemistry, 47(7):1984-92. They did a retroinversion of their lead reagents and converted one of them into a Gd-containing contrast agent for MRI diagnosis; Austen BM. (2007) “Imaging agents for Alzheimer’s disease.” Filed 04/05/07 PCT/GB2007/001669; Published 15/11/07 WO/2007/129077. They are identifying lipid modifications on beta-secretase by proteomics Austen BM., Parsons, R. and Sidera, C (2005) “Post-translational processing of beta-secretase in Alzheimer's disease.” Proteomics. 5, 1533-1543.

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