Martin Stoddart

AO Research Institute Davos, Switzerland


Since 2009, Martin J. Stoddart has been working as a principal scientist at the AO Research Institute, where he is responsible for the Stem Cell Focus Area. He completed his bachelor studies in biology at the University of Aberystwyth in 1995. He then spent a year in Davos at ARI where he completed his M.Phil. degree in cartilage biology. Between 1996 and 2000, he carried out his doctoral thesis at the University of Nottingham in the field of cancer angiogenesis. He then returned to Switzerland to work in the Laboratory for experimental cartilage research in Zürich, initially as Postdoc, and between 2003 and 2005 as Group Head. During that time, he also took a 6-month sabbatical at the Centre for Molecular Orthopedics, Harvard Medical School, Brigham, and at Women’s Hospital, Boston, to learn viral gene transfer techniques. His main focus is the use of autologous stem cells and gene transfer for the repair of musculoskeletal tissues using a cell therapy approach. To this aim, he investigates novel cell identification and isolation methods. His research interests include the mechanoregulation of stem cell fate, in particular chondrogenic differentiation. He is also interested in the mechanisms by which stem cells direct cell fate and interact with endogenous cells to affect a repair. He is the Editor of Mammalian Cell Viability Methods: Methods in Molecular Biology – Vol. 740. He is a Scientific Editor for eCM Journal and is an organizer of the yearly eCM Conference. He is also Associate Faculty Member of Faculty of 1000 Medicine.

Biography Updated on 1 August 2013

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