Erasmo Recami

Università Statale di Bergamo, Italy

Erasmo Recami got his Italian doctor's degree in Physics in 1964, at Milan, gaining subsequently the R-5 and R-3 degrees of INFN, and the ``Libera Docenza" (1970) in theoretical physics. His didactic activity started in 1968 at the Catania State University, Italy (where he taught Theory of Nuclear Reactions, General Physics, Higher Physics, and History of Physics), and is presently developing at the Bergamo State University, Italy. He has also been full-professor of Applied Mathematics at the Campinas State University (UNICAMP), SP, Brazil, for about ten years, serving as head of the corresponding Department in 1987-89. He carried out scientific research also at Austin (Texas), Kiev (Ukraine), Oxford (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark), Wroclaw (Poland), etc. In the seventies he reformulated, for instance, Special Relativity (on the basis of the standard postulates) WITHOUT RESTRICTING it to subluminal particles, thus predicting some experimental results appeared especailly after 1992. His research activity, represented by more than 200 publications (apart from semi-popularization or popularization papers), has covered issues of Relativity, Elementary particle physics, Classical physics, Quantum mechanics, Nuclear physics and History of physics. In recent times he has worked, e.g., about the structure of leptons, the tunneling times, the application of the GR methods to strong interactions, and in particular about the sub- and super-luminal group-velocities associated with evanescent waves, on the one hand, and with the Localized (limited-dispersion) soliton-type Solutions to Maxwell equations, on the other hand. In connection with the latter "Localized Waves", and in particular with the ones "at rest" (=with a static envelope) he got a Patent together with his coworkers. At last, he [the biographer of Ettore Majorana] co-edited during the last few years some volumes reproducing and commenting many scientific manuscripts left unpublished by E.Majorana.

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