Graciela Díaz-Torga

Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental, Argentina

Graciela Díaz-Torga, PhD. Head of Laboratorio de Fisiopatología Hormonal Instituto de Biología y Medicina Experimental CONICET, ARGENTINA Graciela Díaz-Torga was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963. She received the Biological Science degree (1987, summa cum laude) and the Ph.D. degree (1994) from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. Her PhD thesis dealt with the participation of Angiotensin II in the control and ontogeny of pituitary hormones, and sexual differences. Since 1994 she is an Establish Researcher at National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET). She is mainly interested in pituitary tumours (prolactinomas), and growth factors function (with special interest in TGFb1), and the involvement of extracellular matrix components. - Prize "Bernardo Houssay-Sociedad de Biología 75 Aniversario", 1994. First Mention. - Prize Accesit: Bernardo Houssay 2000, Society of Biology, Buenos Aires. - Prize The best in Endocrinology, Society of Biology, Buenos Aires 2003 - 1erst PRIZE “René Barón Fundation” , LALCEC: Argentine Foundation for Cancer Research and Control - 2008 - Prize Accesit: Bernardo Houssay 2008, Society of Biology, Buenos Aires . Member: Evaluation Projects of the National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology FONCYT: Medical Sciences, Veterinary Science, Biological Sciences, - Member, Evaluation Research Projects CONICET in Medical Sciences - Member Evaluation of applicants for entry to the Research Career CONICET in Medical Sciences - Member of the Board of the Sociedad Argentina de Investigación Clínica. 2002, 2010. Biography Updated on 15 November 2010

Biography Updated on 28 November 2010

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