Hong-Liang Dai

Hunan University, China

Personal Resume Name: Hong-Liang Dai Title: Professor Academic degree: Ph.D Graduated school: Shanghai Jiaotong University Areas of expertise: Advanced materials and structures Published paper: (Recently two years) 1. Dai HL, Hong L, Fu YM, Xiao X. Analytical solution for electromagnetothermoelastic behaviours of a functionally graded piezoelectric hollow cylinder. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2010, 34, 343–357. 2. Dai HL, Xiao X, Fu YM. Analytical solutions of stresses in functionally graded piezoelectric hollow structures. Solid State Communications, 2010, 150, 763-767. 3. Dai HL, Zheng HY, Yang L. Exact electromagnetothermoelastic solution for a transversely isotropic piezoelectric hollow sphere subjected to arbitrary thermal shock. Journal of Elasticity, 2011, 102(1), 79-97. 4.Dai HL, Yang L, Zheng HY. Magnetothermoelastic analysis of functionally graded hollow spherical structures under thermal and mechanical loads. Solid State Sciences, 2011, 13(3), 372-378. 5. Mao YQ, Fu YM, Dai HL. Creep buckling and post-buckling analysis of the laminated piezoelectric viscoelastic functionally graded plates. European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 2011, 30(4), 547-558. 6. Dai HL, Zheng HY. Buckling and post-buckling analyses for an axially compressed laminated cylindrical shell of FGM with PFRC in thermal environments. European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 2011, 30(6), 913-923. 7. Dai HL, Rao YN, Jiang HJ. An analytical method for magnetothermoelastic analysis of functionally graded hollow cylinders. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2011, 218(4): 1467-1477. 8. Dai HL, Rao YN. Investigation on electromagnetothermoelastic interaction of functionally graded piezoelectric hollow spheres. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 2011, 40(1): 49-64.

Biography Updated on 4 December 2011

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