Shanker Ram

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

BIOGRAPHY (Dr. S. Ram, Professor Materials Science Centre, IIT Kharagpur) RESEARCH INTEREST: Optical/Laser glasses, Magnetic ceramics/intermetallics, Wide band-gap dilute magnetic semiconductors, Ferrofluids, Magneto-optic materials, Cermets, High-energy-density magnets, Photoconductors, Superconductors, Magnetic sensors/Data-storage devices, GMR/GMS materials, Hydrogen energy storage materials, Solid fuel cells, Nanostructured solids, Fibres & fibre reinforced composites. PUBLICATIONS: Referred Journals : 160 Conference/Proceeding : 250 Patents:11 EXPERIENCE:•JRF/SRF-Ph. D (1978-82) : Department of Physics, BHU, Varanasi.•Research Associate (1982-87) : Advanced Centre of Materials Science, IIT Kanpur.•Visiting Scientist (1988-89):Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. •Associate Professor (1989-92) : Department of Materials Science & Engineering Domain University, Grenoble, France.•Visiting Faculty (1992-93) : Materials Science Centre, IIT Madras. •Visiting Scientist/Scientist EI (1993-96): NML Jamshedpur.•AvH Fellow (1994-96) : Technical University of Berlin, Germany, (with leave of absence from NML Jamshedpur)•Assistant/Associate/FullProfessor (1996 /2000/2004-Present): Materials Science Centre, IIT Kharagpur. AWARDS/DISTINCTIONS :•National Merit Scholar (1972-78), •CNRS Fellow (France) 1990,•AvH Fellow (Germany) 1994-96, 2004-06 •Referee of reputed international journals/Research projects•Member of the National Academy of Science, MNSc (Allahabad)• Eminent personality of 20thCentury (IBRA, Bhubaneswar)•Recipient of MRSI Medal (2003)•Name in the list of Who’s is Who in (i) Indo-American and (ii) Asian - American books MEMBERSHIP:•The Life member(LM) of Material Research Society of India•The LM of Magnetic Society of India•The LM of Indian Science Congress Association

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