Gregory John Gibbons

University of Warwick, United Kingdom


Greg Gibbons gained B.S. and Ph.D. degrees both in physics, at Warwick. His Ph.D. studies focused on the sol-gel synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic interpenetrating network polymers. After a period of postdoctoral research at Warwick, he left to become a Patent Editor with intellectual property firm Derwent Information in London. He returned to Warwick as a Research Assistant working on the EPSRC funded project IMI Spray Mould, developing tooling for composite manufacture for the automotive and aerospace industries. Since 2006, his research focus has been primarily on the processability of materials via additive layer manufacturing (ALM) techniques. The research has primarily been based on the laser melting and electron beam melting of materials and has been targeted at a number of different industry sectors including defense, biomedical, and autosports. Research topics have included the ALM processing of high-density metals and alloys, shape memory alloys, and ultralight polymer-ceramic composites. Validation of material properties for the laser melting of titanium alloys has been the focus of his recent research within the autosports sector. This research was one of the first published studies to demonstrate the efficacy of laser-melted Ti 6Al 4V alloy for use in a critical application. Current research activities include the development of materials and processing conditions for the laser melting of high-temperature resistant nickel matrix composites for aerospace and power generation applications, and the development of a novel ALM process and materials for the high-speed manufacture of ceramic components. Gibbons is responsible for the mentoring of student projects within the field of ALM processing of materials (metals, ceramics, and polymers), at undergraduate, masters, and postgraduate level. Gibbons is also a Member of the EPSRC College and a Committee Member of the Additive Manufacturing Association.

Biography Updated on 15 August 2012

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