Kanchan Dholam

Dental and Prosthetic Surgery Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, India, India

Name : Dr. Dholam Kanchan Parshuram DOB: 12th March, 1961 Address :Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India Qualification: B.D.S.,M.D.S.(Prosthetics)Certificate Course of Oral Implantology Academic Distinction: Postgraduate merit scholarship for the year 1984-85. Awards: Awarded (ICRETT) , UICC Fellowship , Geneva, Present Appointment :Professor & Dental Surgeon & Officer-in-charge, Publications : 1) 'Role of Prosthodontist in post surgical rehabilitation of oral cancer patients' S.B. Master, S.S. Ratnam, K.P. Dholam “Head & Neck Cancer . A multidisciplinary approach for its control and cure” ( UICC project). 2)‘Utility of Tongue Prosthesis for a Patient with Total Glossectomy.’ A Clinical Report. The Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology, Arizona State University, Tempe, U.S.A., 9(3): 203-209 September 2001. 3)'Effective Rehabilitation After Partial Glossectomy’. Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, 54 (1):39-43, 2002. 4)‘Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillectomy Patient with Orbital Exenteration.’ Indian Journal of Cancer,39 (2):69-72 June 2002. 5)Rehabilitation and Assessment of Speech and Mastication in a Bilateral Total Maxillectomy Patient. J. Indian Prosthodont. Soc, 2006, 6(4):206-208. 6)Restoration of nasal defect with implant retained nose prosthesis. J. Indian Prosthodont. Soc. 2007; 7:196. Dholam KP, Shetty KG, Bhirangi PP. 7)Implant retained orbital prosthesis – A case report. J. Indian Prosthodont. Soc. 2008; 8:55-58. Dholam KP, Pusalkar HA, Yadav PS. 8)“Long Term Rehabilitation of a Total Glossectomy” accepted for publication J. Indian Prosthodont. Soc (2010) Research Project : 1) Osseointegrated Implants 2) Evaluation of function with obturator following maxillectomy 3) Study of quality of life in patients with soft tissue or free fibular graft reconstruction following mandibulectomy

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