Nicola Normanno

Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Italy


Nicola Normanno received her M.D. degree from the Medical School, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy, in October 1988. She specialized in medical oncology (October 1991) and in hematology (October 2001), Medical School, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy. Since June 2005, she has been the Chief of the Cell Biology and Preclinical Models Unit, INT-Fondazione Pascale, Naples, Italy, and since October 2006, she has been the Chairman of the Department of Research, INT-Fondazione Pascale, Naples, Italy. Her research experience includes role of DNA ploidy and S-phase fraction in the prognosis of breast carcinoma patients, effects of antitumor drugs (IFN alpha, 5-azacytidine) on the proliferation and on the expression of growth factor receptors in cancer cells, role of EGF-like peptides in oncogene-induced transformation of human mammary epithelial cells, analysis of the expression of EGF-like growth factors in human colon and breast cancer cell lines and primary carcinomas, synthesis and characterization of antisense oligonucleotides directed against EGF-related peptides, activity of antisense oligonucleotides directed against EGF-like growth factors on the growth and survival of cancer cells of different histological origin, role of cripto-1 in mammary gland tumorigenesis and in breast cancer progression, evaluation of EGFR-expressing circulating tumor cells as potential prognostic factor in carcinoma patients, evaluation of the antitumor activity of anti-EGFR and anti-ErbB-2 drugs in breast carcinoma, studies of the mechanisms involved in the spontaneous and acquired resistance to anti-EGFR agents in breast carcinoma, and molecular diagnostics of solid tumors.

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