John Markopoulos

University of Athens, Greece


John Markopoulos received his Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry (1981) from the University of Athens, Athens, Greece, under the supervision of Prof. Nick Hadjiliadis (University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece) on the reactions of thiamine and it's reduced analogues with Pt(II) and Pd(II) ions. He then completed his postdoctoral work (1984) with Dr. David Nicholls (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK) on the coordination chemistry of biomolecules with first row transition elements. In 1992, Markopoulos joined the group of Prof. Brian T. Heaton (University of Liverpool) working on the domain of homogeneous catalysis with rhodium complexes and in 2005 the group of Prof. Vickie McKee (University of Loughborough, Loughborough, UK) working on the synthesis and coordination properties of macrocycle compounds. Markopoulos currently serves as an Associate Professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Athens. His research interests focus on the area of ligand design with biological properties, coordination chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry.

Biography Updated on 4 January 2017

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