Martine A. Collart

Université de Genève, Switzerland


Martine A. Collart is Swiss and obtained her Ph.D. degree in 1990 at the University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, on regulation of gene transcription in mouse macrophages. She continued her research at Harvard Medical School, where she identified the NOT genes using a genetic selection in yeast. In 1993, she started her own independent group at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva University, Geneva, Switzerland. She was appointed as Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Medicine in 2004 and Full Professor in 2010. The work in the Collart Laboratory focuses on the fascinating conserved multi-subunit complex called Ccr4-Not, which contributes to eukaryotic gene expression regulation at multiple levels: transcription, mRNA processing, nuclear export, translation, protein modification, and protein degradation. The complex machineries that are involved in all of these processes are conserved from yeast to human, and hence the Collart group uses yeast as a model organism to benefit from the powerful yeast genetics to dissect these complex systems.

Biography Updated on 2 June 2013

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