Eliseo Ranzi

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Eliseo Ranzi was born in Ravello (SA) in August 5, 1943. He received a degree in chemical engineering (summa cum laude) at Politecnico of Milan, Italy, in 1968. He is a Full Professor of unit operations, chemical plants, chemical reaction engineering, and combustion since 1989 at the Department of Chemistry, Material, and Chemical Engineering (Giulio Natta) of the same Politecnico. He is the Vice Chair and the Chair of the department (1990–1998). His teaching activities for undergraduated and Ph.D. students of chemical engineering are in the areas of experimental design, system analysis in chemical engineering, transport phenomena, applied chemical kinetics, chemical reaction engineering, combustion, and pollutant formation. He is an author of several scientific papers relating to chemical reaction engineering, kinetic modelling of complex reaction systems (pyrolysis and combustion), imulation models of process units and chemical plants, and dynamic behaviour of gas-solid reactors and distillation columns. Moreover, Ranzi has a large and recognized experience in the area of the steam cracking process to produce ethylene from hydrocarbon feeds. He is a coauthor with Dente and Pierucci for SPYRO Program. His major current research areas include pyrolysis, partial oxidation, and combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, together with gasification of coal, plastics, and biomasses.

Biography Updated on 28 October 2009

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