Maurice Margenstern

Universite Paul Verlaine - Metz, France

Maurice Margenstern was born in the 6th of June 1947 at Paris. He is married and has 2 children and 1 grandchild. He works as a Full Professor, exceptional class (promotion by the National Council of Universities, France, Section of Computer Science). He was a Temporary Member of CNRS up to March 1, 2011. In 1974, he received a Ph.D. degree about “Constructive topological properties of spaces of almost-periodic functions.” In 1994, he got Habilitation to supervise the research entitled “Study of the frontier between decidability and undecidability for the halting problem of Turing machines with or without constraints.” His main research areas are as follows. 1) Tilings of the hyperbolic plane and of the 3D hyperbolic plane. In 2007, he could prove that the general tiling problem for the hyperbolic is undecidable (it cannot have any algorithmic solution), answering in this way a conjecture raised by R. Robinson in 1971. 2) Cellular automata in hyperbolic spaces. He proved several results about the construction of universal cellular automata in this context with a small number of states. 3) Molecular computations and membrane systems: formal systems for modeling various phenomena of molecular biology and about living cells. 4) Turing machines.

Biography Updated on 2 May 2011

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