Lars Boehme

University of St Andrews, United Kingdom


Dr Boehme is a physical oceanographer, who received his MSc/German University Diploma degree from the University of Kiel in Germany. While working at the IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany, he developed a delayed-mode quality control system to check the hydrographic data of profiling floats, a method now integrated into the Argo Global Data Assembly Centres. He subsequently conducted his PhD studies at the University of St Andrews, where he is now a lecturer within the Marine Alliance for Science & Technology Scotland. His interests focus in the ocean overturning circulation and the dynamics of frontal systems. His studies utilize animal-borne technology and also highlight the benefits to the sensor-carrying animals themselves by showing the usefulness of this approach in examining the sensitivity of top predators to global and regional-scale climate variability. His research has led to a more strategic view of how to combine a range of observation approaches to achieve a cost-effective observation system linking physical observations to the range of trophic levels they drive.

Biography Updated on 16 October 2012

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